Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ladies Banquet - Jewels Of Grace

   Last Saturday our church just had our Ladies Banquet. Commonly referred to as Mother/Daughter Banquet, but we want all ladies to participate regardless, so we call it the Ladies Banquet! It is always so much fun!!! I love all the preparation that goes into it, the decorating...and the actual event!! Each year we search and search for a title, and then decorations to match...this always takes quite a bit of effort. We look at the ever popular Pinterest, as well as any other place we can think of! SO I like to post some of these ideas in hopes that maybe they can help someone else with their special events too! "There is no new thing under the sun" as Ecclesiastes says, so you may have seen these elsewhere too! :)

~ We have a big gym where we do our big events, so we usually use a big wooden partition that folds like an accordion to help give us a backdrop! 

~ Not sure if you can see or not, but we use different color plastic table cloth to put on our lattice (wooden partition) We put 

~ For our tables, different ladies in the church decorated their own table. They were given the 'jewel' and then they just decorated the tables off of them. Some were: emerald, diamond, pearl, opal, amethyst, gold, etc...I will forget each one! SO here are their different ideas of decorating their tables. This is fun to see what each ladies idea is!!

~ I think I got all the tables. The last photo is mine! SO thankful for those who offered their opinions for my table, I drew a complete blank when it came time to do mine! My jewel was pearls, and I LOVE lace and pearls together so knew I wanted to do that...but didn't know much else! All the tables were beautiful, and we had so much fun!! 

~ This next one is of my nephew David. The guys do all the serving for the Ladies Banquet, including cooking most of the food themselves. SO David wanted to help serve so bad, so he matched them, it was so cute seeing him and another little boy serving too! They just melt your heart!! 

Here are all the girls in my family, except one of my sisters! I absolutely LOVE spending time with my family, honestly there is no place I would rather be than with my family! Hope you can say the same!! :)

Psalm 73:1 "Truly God is good to (Israel), even to such as are of a clean heart!"
God is so good to each of us!!