Sunday, November 3, 2013

God IS Good!!

           Today's post isn't going to WOW anybody, but is simply going to praise My Savior Who deserves the utmost praise! I was reminded by a song that was sung in our church Sunday Night, titled "God Is Good"! I encourage you to listen to it sometime! It was sure a great encouragement to me!
            God IS good! This is a fact. He doesn't NEED us to acknowledge it to be good, He just is. It reminds me of my 3-6 yr old class, there are times when I will tell a child how good they are being, to give them praise, but also as an incentive to continue to be good. This is unlike God, He doesn't need us to acknowledge that fact, for Him to CONTINUE to be good. He just is! I am so thankful of that. There are times when I "forget/neglect" to tell God how good He is, or to thank Him. How grateful I am, that He doesn't just shut off His goodness to me because I don't tell Him. I do believe that God gives us maybe a little extra blessing, if we thank and acknowledge that He is good; but He still continues to be good regardless.
      Psalm 145:9 "The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works."
            Now, I just want to tell  how good my God is! On April 13th, 2001 He reached down and made me aware of the fact, that if I died I would go to hell; and I bowed my head along with my sister (and best friend) and asked Jesus into my heart! That was the happiest day of my life!
            The Lord also allowed me to be born and raised in a Christian home, with parents who love God and have made it evident through their love and devotion to the Lord. Refusing to allow me to do what was popular, but rather what was safe and right before the Lord; they have saved me from many a heartache. I often wonder in my quiet time, why God allowed ME the privilege to be raised in this kind of home, instead of some of the homes of the kids on my bus? I am certainly not better than any of them, but simply because God IS good!
             I get to be apart of THE greatest church (in my opinion!) and I am allowed to serve Him through so many capacities. I get to serve along some great people; but also serve some awesome people too! The ministry is truly one of the hardest and can be physically and emotionally exhausting; but to me it is the greatest occupation on earth. It will truly be the one that matters in eternity. Sometimes when you walk away from a ministry you serve in and have this overwhelming feeling that you failed, but because God IS good He comforts us and reminds us that He is there to help us!
              There are so many more areas that God is abundantly good to me in, that if I listed them this post would never end! Every day I wake up God IS good, as I go throughout the day God is still good, and when I lay down at night He remains good! Anything that is good in my life, is simply because God IS good.  I think if we could see all the many dangers and circumstances the Lord keeps us out of, we would be willing to tell the Lord more how good He is; but we get use to this "safe" life and take for granted that it is His duty for us to have an easy life. If His goodness depended on our acknowledgment of it, as with those little kids in my class, I'm afraid with everyone His goodness would cease and we would all be destroyed by this life. I hope everyone frequently tells the Lord how good He is! If you have nothing else to praise the Lord about (although everyone is blessed beyond measure) then just be thankful that God IS good!!!

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