Wednesday, November 27, 2013

** Ladies Christmas Party - Winter Wonderland **

       This past Monday night our church had our Ladies Christmas Party! We had such a good time of fellowship and just having fun with the other ladies of the church! A time where most of the ladies for a little while get to come away from the cares of their adorable children and their husbands, and just worry about themselves and get to fellowship with like-minded Christians! 
       The original intent of this blog is to cover a host of different things: lessons I am learning, decorative ideas, and any other ideas I can think of! ;) So today I just wanted to share a few pictures of how our Christmas Party was decorated! I know a lot of times, for us it is hard to find ways to decorate, (although now we have the amazing site of Pinterest) so here are some of the ideas that our group came up with!

***First I'd like to give the credit where it's due. My Mom had the original theme, and our Youth Pastor's wife helped, along with another lady in church who came up and was a HUGE help too! We also had another lady who made a lot of the decorations, she did such a wonderful job! Then we have the 'brawn' of the group, which would be the men! Our Youth Pastor and my Dad, who actually helped with some ideas too! :) This was quite a group effort!

Christmas Party Theme: ** Winter Wonderland **

~ The place where we had the Christmas party is really a huge gym, but my Mom wanted to make more of a room, to give it a comfy feel and make it easier to decorate. SO the next couple of pictures will show you our makeshift walls! Here is the back wall of the gym that we covered with plastic table cloths and added snowflakes bought from Walmart. Straight ahead is a scene a very talented lady painted for different occasions at church which made our 2nd wall. 

Below is our back (3rd) wall, which is a wood partition with tablecloths over it, along with snowflakes. Straight ahead the Christmas trees with lights and white pillars made the border of our 4th wall.

~ The chairs were placed in a circle, and covers were made for the tops. In between the chairs were 4-leg wooden tables with covers over them for drinks and added decoration.
~ Tables for food had blue tablecloths with a sheer cover with snowflakes over the top. 
~ Rounded table for Christmas gifts had just a plain blue table cloth. Centerpieces for all 4 tables were flower type arrangements which had blue lights in the bottom of the vase, these gave a beautiful glow to the table.
~ Entrance - pillars with blue and silver garland wrapped around each one, with a string of lights stringing around each of them
~ We used lights with tulle wrapped around them to string from one side to the other, and we hung more snowflakes and icicles from the tulle too!
**To top it off we turned down the lights, and turned on some Christmas music......this made for a perfect effect for our Winter Wonderland!!! :)

Here are some more pictures to give you more of an idea of what it looked like!!! Hope these give you some ideas of the possibilities. I honestly couldn't "see" all of this before it was up; but others saw it and made it happen! :)

**These pictures were the effort of a team effort, I am not responsible for any of the gorgeousness that you see! I merely did what I was told! ;) 

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  1. You are very talented too. I always enjoy worrking with you on any project.