Thursday, October 24, 2013

About Me

Hello all! I'm Jessica! I am a 23 year old piano teacher. God has blessed me so much! I am a Pastors' daughter, and love every minute of it. I am patiently (sometimes :D) waiting on God's will to be revealed in my life! My life centers around my service to my church, and most importantly my God! I actively serve in many capacities in my church!
 I am a girly girl through and through! I enjoy playing the piano, the color pink, shopping and watching sports! I hope through this blog I can help other Christians have a joyful Christian life, and gather any ideas to help make your life easier and fun! I've known no other life than the Christian life, but I can honestly say there is no better joy than to serve God with your life!
** I was encouraged by a few people to start a blog to share some ideas along with other things, so good or bad, here it is! :)

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