Monday, October 21, 2013

What Is Fabulously Living?

       In my opinion living the Christian Life is absolutely fabulous! As I've said before, it's all I have ever known and I could never thank my parents enough for following the Lord, and never wavering when things changed around them! This life is fabulous, after all the Lord lives in our hearts, and should be a daily companion throughout our day. I hope you have a daily relationship with Him, He so loves to hear from us to the very small matter to the biggest one! The Lord shouldn't be confined to when you read your Bible and meal time prayers! If Him living in our hearts is not enough to put a smile on your face, we also get to spend eternity with Him! That is just exciting to me!!!
        I sadly see so many Christians whether old or young who go through life with a frown on their face, and an overall negative attitude.This should not be said of a Child of God! (I tend to have a hard look, so I have to work hard at this part daily!)
        Whether you think (or feel) so or not, the Christian life is a fabulous life. However, living like it's fabulous is a daily, and sometimes hourly, choice! It does not just happen. We ALL have those days where everything is going wrong and it seems any minute the sky will fall on us, and we probably wouldn't mind! ;) These obviously are the hardest days to put a smile on our face and sweetly respond to the grouchy cashier, or whoever it may be! Those are the very days when we have to give all we have to be pleasant. One of my greatest examples in my life, my Mom, shows me this everyday! Recently I saw this happen before my eyes. At a store we frequent, there is a lady who bags groceries. A while back my Mom invited her to church and received a very cold response from her. However, my Mom every time we would go to the store, still would be happy and cheerful to this lady, no matter how she felt. Now every time we go in there, this lady looks for her just to talk to her. Why? Because this lady sees something different in my Mom that she can't quite figure out. My prayer is that one day another opportunity will come to witness to her.
     ***Here are some things that help me when I have those days that I just can't seem to get my attitude where it should be:
~ Read the Bible extra. 
     We can never get too much of the Bible!
~ Listen to God honoring music.
      Ephesians 5:19 "Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;"
~Try to limit social media and tv shows.
     When your spirit is already having trouble, don't feed it something that's going to help that negative attitude grow.
~ Find a key word and find verses containing that word.
      When you are having a hard time with circumstances in life, find words like faith, trust, wait, etc... and look up the verses that have those words in them. Write them down, and memorize them if you can. This helps me immensely.
~ Do something for someone else.
     When you are discouraged and self focused, try focusing on someone else. When you see someone else's problems, it will most likely make you see just how little yours are!
~ Pray!
      Tell God what you're feeling and thinking, ask Him to help you. After all He loves you more than anyone! 1 Thess 5:17 "Pray without ceasing." James 5:13 "Is any among you afflicted? let him pray. Is any merry? let him sing psalms."
~ Quotes.
      After the Bible, I love quotes. I like to put quotes up where I can see them. They help me put my situation in perspective. Put different quotes or verses up where you can see them!

**We all have bad days, but we must have a consistent testimony to those around us!

**Please don't let your negative attitude hurt the cause of Christ. We are His ambassadors, an ambassador proudly represents their King!! I love to be around happy people, they make me happy! Whether you are a teen or older, put a smile on your face and represent our King proudly. Make the world wonder why you are so happy!
     So 'Fabulously Living' is a blog that I hope helps others to fabulously live as a Christian. Whether that be through encouragement, or just to laugh, I hope it helps you to see just how fabulous this life really is!!
    **** I certainly do not know it all, and welcome any ideas you may have. What helps you to fabulously live? Please comment below! :)    


  1. I look forward to reading your post. I needed this one today. I'm hurting more then normal today and this helped.

    1. Aw I'm sorry! I will pray extra for you today. Not in the same way, but I do understand about hurting and having to be around others. I recently had to do this, and I'm not sure if my smile came across as a smile or a grimace. Hope you start feeling better! :-)